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2017-02-03 by KANEEZ

Besides the spic n span accommodations that include their personal exotic houseboat Piano and the 'on-time' conveyance it is the remarkable hospitality offered by the people here at New Adam & Eve Tour n Travels that has made my trip a marvellous one.I assure anyone travelling through this tour would carry home priceless memories to cherish for a lifetime. ????

2017-02-03 by Fatema

I highly recommend this tour to anyone travelling. The quality of services available to us have been much above our expectations. A perfect one to make your holiday a ravishing experience. ????

2017-02-20 by imran

Thank you Madam....

2017-03-20 by Sachin

I was provided with excellent service and i had the most amazing experience! The company did an awesome job booking everything I wanted to do. I told Mr.Imran what I wanted to visit/do/see and the rest was history.He took care of everything else. The houseboat PIANO was and is the most memorable experience of my life with house like atmosphere and hospitality by Mr.Imran and his team.....I would highly recommend this to everyone....

2017-03-20 by samir

2017-03-21 by Shashank

It is best travel experience . Adam eve tour n travel were excellent. Food was also good. House boat was also good in srinagar dal lake. Overall that was awesome experience .
Thanks to Mr. Imran badyari.

2017-11-26 by onkar

Excellent service...fully secured...feels like family house..

2018-06-16 by Ravi

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful experience for best 5 days at kasmir and please pass special regards to Farooq sir for unforgettable hospitality and we all wish that God grace you with health, wealth and prosperity.

Thanks again,
Ravi Tiwari

2018-06-25 by Imran Ahmad

Thank you sir...

2018-08-20 by Chandrai

I would highly recommend this place to people visiting Kashmir the in-house people are tooo nice and will help u with every worth every single penny spending here in the house boat amazing senerery Nd best place must visit

2018-09-14 by Imran

Thank you Madem

2018-09-14 by AZREEN


alhamdullillah, kami daripada GTCM (gang travel club malaysia ) seramai 8 orang telah menghabiskan cuti panjang di kashmir dengan menggunakan perkhidmatan adam and eve tour.

sepanjang tempoh percutian, kami telah mendapat perkhidmatan yang terbaik seperti dijanjikan. kami di beri perkhidmatan tour guide, driver , penginapan dan pakej makanan yang terbaik. Percutian kami menjadi kenangan yang terindah di bumi kashmir dan berharap dapat kembali dengan menggunakan perkhidmatan adam and eve tour lagi.

diakhir kata, kami sangat berpuas hati dan mencadangkan adam and eve tour sekira anda ingin bercuti ke bumi kashmir.


terima kasih.

2018-10-27 by Azie


Alhamdulillah selama kami berada dibumi Kashmir yang indah ini, ADAM & EVE Tour layan kami sehabis baik walaupun kami jenis yang cerewet. 
Dari segi makanan sangat memuaskan walaupun kami tidak makan sampai habis. Keselesaan HB jugak tidak dinafikan sangat cantik jika dibandingkan dengan HB yang lain. HB yang sangat selesa dan bersih.
Kenderaan pula, walaupun pakcik selalu maki orang tapi dia tetap layan kami baik dan pandai minta harga murah dengan orang tempatan. Pakcik Farroq is awesome..hahaha
Owner HB pula, sangat baik hati dan suara pun lembut saja. Dari segi harga, ADAM & EVE sangat la murah dan berpatutan dibandingkan dengan yang lain sebab kami sebenarnya stay 1 bilik untuk 3 orang tapi Adam yang baik hati ini bagi 1 lagi bilik extra.

Mudah-mudahan ADAM & EVE Tour dapat meneruskan service seperti ini dan lebih maju jaya :). Dengan ini, semua perhidmatan yang diberikan SANGAT LAH MEMUASKAN.

InsyaAllah jika ada rezeki dan berpeluang ke kashmir lagi,kami akan pilih ADAM & EVE Tour again.. Aminn

2018-12-16 by siti nor aishah



Terima kasih diucapkan kepada Adam Travel & Eve di atas segala perkhidmatan yang telah disediakan kepada pihak kami. Kami sangat berpuas hati di atas segala kerjasama dan layanan yang telah diberikan sepanjang kami berada di HB ini.Kami berharap Adam Travel & Eve akan terus menyediakan serta mempertingkatkan lagi perkhidmatan di masa akan datang. With love from Malaysia…



2019-01-06 by KHAIROOL

To Adam & Eve Tour and Travels,


i couldnt find and words to describe how good is everything. The hospitality provided in Piano Houseboat is far from perfect, the food is so good. We fell in love on the Kashmiri foods, Adam got a good cook, really good. The room given to us is comfortable. Farouq will always try to keep us warm at all time since the weather is at minus degree. Hilal is good in serving us foods and entertained our requests. 

Overall, the services and facilities provided is beyond perfect. We would like to wish Adam & Eve Tour and Travels the very best of luck in the future endervous. All the best to Imran, Farouq and Hilal. 


Best Regards,


Khairool & Faizul

From Malaysia

6 January 2018

2019-01-12 by wahida

We are group of 6 (Ladies Group) from Malaysia and first time travelling to Kashmir.

We are so grateful that we choose New Adam & Eve tour and travels. We stayed 5 days 4 nights at Piano HouseBoat. it is the best experience that our group ever had. The houseboat is clean and tidy all the time.

The food was delicious and happy to taste the real kashmir food. The host also very generous by giving 3 rooms for two person without extra charges.

Special thanks to Uncle Farouq, Imran and Hilal for the best hospitality and services. Uncle Farouq and Imran always try keep us warm at all time since the weather sometimes at minus degree.

We wish you all may Allah grace you with health, wealth and prosperity. Best of luck to you all in the future endervous.

Looking forward to come here again :)


Best Regards,


2019-03-08 by Salina

We're glad we coming to Kashmir despite all the news reported. At first We were worried and nervous to come here but after landed and meet Uncle Farouk we felt save. New Adam & Eve staffs make us feel welcome and always put our safety and need first. The house boat was comfortable and we felt at home. The whole tour was enjoying and covered almost every places in the itinerary. Even some of the places were cancelled due to heavy snow but New Adam & Eve brought us to tour the Dal Lake - Nasim Lake and Hazratbal. A special place only for local. Whole day tour around the lake were really worthy and the view were so fantastic. Uncle Farouk, Imran, Lola and the whole Kashmiri people were so nice, friendly and treated us like daughters. We love the food taste and hope to come back later in different season. Kashmir such a great place to visit in every seasons. Thank you for the great hospitality and keep up the good service. Thumbs up (^_~) - Lots of love from Sally - Mikay - Jart - Fye - Money

2019-03-31 by Faten

Alhamdulillah, we have made the right choice with Adam & Eve Tours ???????? 


Kami dalam kumpulan besar yg terdiri daripada 23 peserta (senior citizens, kids, infant) telah diberi service yg terbaik dari Mr. Farooq dan Mr. Imran. Berbaloi dengan harga pakej yg ditawarkan dari segi houseboat yg selesa, hotel pon ok, transport, driver dan uncle farooq as tour guide yg super awesome yg sentiasa menjaga kami dengan baik. 

Mr. Imran was very softspoken and speak politely to his guests. Every member in my group was satisfied. Speechless ????


Semoga terus memberi perkhidmatan yg cemerlang dan dimurahkan rezeki ????


All the best Adam & Eve Tours


????19 adult, 3 kids, 1 infant ????

2019-04-22 by Sitti Nur Nadia

Thank you so much to Adam & Eve Travel and Tour for you service and hospitality.

Such a good memory to us when first time visit Kashmir with uncle Farooq.

He is not only our tourist guide but his like our father which make we always felt safe.

Thank you very much to Imran always answer our question and concern about us.

HB is nice, clean and tidy. Food and beverage is AWESOME!!


Highly recommend Adam & Eve Tour  and Travel to all.


Warmest regards from Nadia, Chik, Jijah, Norzi, Laila and Rini from Penang.


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